Visit all the best places and discover top things to do in Zurich

You will surely fall in love with Switzerland’s largest city during this tour which will provide you a comprehensive orientation of Zurich and it’s staggering neighbourhoods.

The beautiful medieval town of Zurich is a must-visit but our tour takes you beyond the city limit, covering the beautiful surroundings of the greater Zurich area, it’s country-side, all along the beautiful coast of Lake Zurich, beautiful suburb towns and villages with rich villas, and including visit to the beautiful medieval town with it’s 12th century castle and it’s ancient heritage.

This highly rated private sightseeing tour of Zurich provides a full understanding of what Zurich is all about; the tour will give you complete insight into the local life style, gain unique local experience and come to learn what makes Zurich one of the most admiring city to live.

In a chauffeur driven private tour of Zurich with our local guide, you are sure to see and do much more than any ordinary tours can provide and that too, at the most affordable price plan.


About this tour

Highly rated private sightseeing tour of Zurich, designed to provide a full orientation of Zurich and it’s greater surroundings, covering everything there’s to see in Zurich at most affordable price, not available elsewhere.

4 – 5 hours

Maximum size
6 people (For larger group, please contact us.)

Pick-up / drop-off place
Your hotel or place of stay in Zurich


CHF 450 ( 1- 6 people)
CHF 75 per person (based on 6 people)

Free Cancellation / Fully refundable
( 1 week prior/ Terms & condition applies)

Our uniquely carved out tour of Zurich and its gorgeous surrounding country-side

Your guide will meet you at the hotel where following a short meet and greet you will start the tour of Zurich.

At first, you’ll visit Zurich’s major highlights in the city centre area, eastern and western part of the medieval old town before heading to other places in the greater Zurich area.

You will visit the University area from where you get the best understanding of how Zurich’s medieval town is structured and you will get absolutely fascinating insights of what the beauty of this city beholds!

You will then continue your tour towards exploring Switzerland’s richest metropolitan where many world prominent figures live. The places your guide will take you are not something ordinary tour can do and you will have an eye opening experience about Switzerland’s richest metropolitan. Thereafter, you are going to be in the city’s heart to explore the Western part of the medieval town and places of the Roman settlements.

During the tour of the city you will be explore the Roman settlements and visit the financial district area, world’s famous richest shopping street and one of Europe’s most admired medieval shopping quarter, all strategically located and can be easily covered by foot.

Following a 2 hour tour of this place, enjoy a coffee and Swiss pastries at one of the most famous pastry place in town, unchanged in quality since 1905.

Following your coffee break, begin another spectacular drive which will take you for a breath-taking journey through greater Zurich’s gorgeous Lake promenade; during this entire scenic tour that will provide you a  jaw dropping experience, every single place your guide will take you is guaranteed to steal your breath away.

By the end of the tour you will not only get to see the marvelous 12th century village with it’s beautiful Castle, you will get to stop at all the best photography vantage points in Zurich and greater Zurich area; you will  definitely create a wonderful memory from this trip and take home stunningly beautiful vacation pictures to cherish and remember your Zurich trip, lifelong.

Tour Itinerary

Morning tour
10 AM – 14:30 PM

Afternoon tour
14:00 PM – 6:30 PM

4 – 4.5 hours
Includes 30 minutes coffee break

Included in the price

  • Guided tours
  • Private vehicle
  • Photography
  • Refreshments

Excluded in the price

  • Entrance fees
  • Public transportation, cable car, ferry tickets
  • Meal and beverages
  • Tips and gratuity