Unplanned adventures!

I cant find anything else to say about the operation that Sal runs that people before me have not already said, its a fantastic experience.
What a bloody great time we had, tour was suppose to be for around 4 hours, but due to the weather coming in the next day which would have cancelled that tour Sal extended the 4 hour one to about 9 hours so we could get the best out of the one day.
While talking to Sal we learnt that 2 days later he was free so we asked if he could take us down to Lake Como to catch the ferry over to Bellagio, that was not a problem and what another great adventure we had on the way down seeing towns and places that we would never have seen on the train.
Thanks very much Sal for the great service, keep well and kind regards to the family even though we did not meet them through our chats I feel we did.
Kind regards,
Strop and Kaye.