Switzerland Private Tour - Customer reviews

A Heartwarming Experience

It’s been 2 weeks since our holiday vacation in Switzerland, and I can’t help but be both happy and sad simultaneously each time I recall the moments and experiences that had been created with Swiss Private Tour. From the marvellous and breathtaking sights to the rich history and culture of the country, every day was an adventure all of us in the family looked forward to. Swiss Private Tour has truly enriched our family’s experience in Switzerland with their caring kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion. Each day’s itinerary was personalised and tailored according to the needs and preferences of our family. Swiss Private Tour treated us with genuine hospitality and like family during our stay in the country, and likewise, Swiss Private Tour has also become our family in Switzerland. Whether it be a first time visit in Switzerland or not, I would definitely highly recommend Swiss Private Tour to any who would ask for my opinion on such inquiries, more so to a friend and colleague! If I was given the choice on who would accompany me on my future travels, I wish it would be possible for it to be Swiss Private Tour. From the bottom of my heart and the family, thank you so much, Swiss Private Tour!

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