Unique European experience.

This tour will become your most joyful and best European experience as you will visit the Europe’s largest waterfall, the stunningly beautiful paradise Island in Germany, see Central Europe’s largest Lake, shared by 4 countries, visit Switzerland’s prettiest and most colorful medieval town at the Stein-am-Rhein, completing your fun day with an exquisite dinner in Germany before returning back to Switzerland again; all of this will yield as one of the most extra-ordinary European experience for you and your family and it’s truly worth doing it as a family. 


About this tour
This Rheinfall and Germany tour provides the most exciting European experience, covering Switzerland and Germany; visit  Europe’s largest waterfall followed by spectacular scenic drive from Switzerland to Germany and visit the Paradise Island by Central-Europe’s largest lake, shared by 4 countries. Visit truly amazing and the most colorful medieval town Switzerland and complete your day with an authentic dinner in Germany before returning back to Switzerland.

12 hours ( including relaxing and fun coffee, lunch and dinner )

Pick-up and drop-off place
Your hotel or place of stay in Zurich

CHF 938 for 1 – 6 people max. For larger than 6, please contact us.

Free Cancellation / Fully refundable
( 1 week prior/ Terms & condition applies)

Visiting Europe’s Largest Waterfall

Your exciting day will begin at 09:00 from the door step of your hotel and a scenic journey you will arrive at the place where lies Europe’s largest and most powerful waterfall; here the water crashes down 21 meters, across a width of 150 meters. You will surely get very close to the fall and feel the roar, the vibration and the force of the water, a sensational and thrilling experience that’s not to be missed!  There are many fun things happening at the great Fall but the most exciting one is to getting the closes to the fall for the most thrilling experience of life.

Your private and personal guide will walk you through the best places to experience the great fall and while you enjoy your thrilling and fun moments, your photographer guide will professionally capture your joyful moments that will become your lifelong cherishable memories.

Visit to Switzerland’s most colorful and beautiful medieval town at Stein-am-Rhein

Following your couple of hours at the Rheinfall and a relaxing coffee break you will go for another amazing experience. In the North-eastern part of Switzerland where Central Europe’s largest lake Konstanz becomes a Rhein river again, there lies one of the most colorful town of Switzerland – painters heaven, the Stein am Rhein. The town is remarkable for the concentration of well-preserved medieval buildings.

Looking at the beautifully painted facades and admiring the decorated windows, one can experience the wealth, culture and refined taste that developed from the 11th century period that was once only a little hamlet. What is truly amazing, every house has different architect, colors, decorations and structure but though all stand in perfect harmony.

There will be plenty of wonderful photography you will have at this beautiful place before we move one to our next amazing experience.


Visiting Paradise Island – Mainau (Germany)

What could be more fascinating to visit Switzerland see 2 countries in a single day? With the help of your photographer guide you are in best hand to get the best experience at the heavenly Insel Mainau in Germany – an island that is maintained as a garden paradise at the Lake Bodensee (Central Europe’s largest lake shared by 4 countries) and is a model of excellent environmental practices; here is where you and your family will enjoy fabulous and one of the most memorable time visiting the garden and enjoying various activities.

The paradise island of Mainau is an invitation garden and nature to enjoy, because it offers fascinating inputs and paradise like garden with new surprises at every little step; it’s a perfect place on earth to be when you want to forget all the hustle and stress of everyday life; your family will surely relate this place to the movie – the Secret Garden; you and your family will absolutely love the seasonally changing floral abundance with thousands Tulips, hundreds of rhododendrons, fragrant roses, Perennials and colorful dahlias, but also over 150 year old arboretum with majestic redwoods. It’s a perfect place to sit, enjoy and relax a vacation day or have a great time, just with your family – it’s a life changing experience!

a bit of background on Insel Mainau

Lennart Count Bernadotte was the son of Prince William of Sweden and Maria Pavlovna, Ggand Duchess of Russia. He developed the former Castle park of his great-grandfather grand Duke Friedrich 1st, from Baden and converted to a flower and nature paradise by the gorgeous Lake side Castle, and made it available to the public.
Today, the fifth generation of Duke Friedrich the 1st are still resides and welcomes people all over the world to come and enjoy and appreciate the beauty, mother nature has to offer. I am attaching the map from Insel Mainau along with the brochure for restaurant meals and everything Insel Mainau offers for groups; unfortunately, they only have this brochure in German, but it helps to get some idea.
Insel Mainau is mostly enjoyable by foot but walking may not be everyone’s preference; if walking to the castle is going to be a challenge, we will assist with taking you to the Castle and the main garden with transportation.

Enjoy best authentic Greek dinner in Germany

Most of our guests absolutely love the dinner at an authentic Greek cuisine that’s hard to find elsewhere and is truly a great way to complete your fun day visiting two countries in a single day before returning back to Switzerland. something not to be missed!

Tour Duration

  • The duration of the tour is approximately 12  hours but this includes relaxing coffee, lunch and dinner.
  • The tour usually starts at 09:00 AM and ends around 10:00 PM

Included in the price

  • Guided tours
  • Private vehicle
  • Photography
  • Refreshments

Excluded in the price

  • Entrance fees
  • Public transportation, cable car, ferry tickets
  • Meal and beverages
  • Tips and gratuity