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“Trust Landing on You.”

What you read about all the reviews on Swiss Private Tour are all true. We just came back and our incredible tour guide, Sal, made our trip the most memorable. Since “Crash Landing on You” just ended, we requested for the places to visit. And, as professional as he is, we were able to visit

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Crash Landing On You CLOY

Designed by a Swiss Photographer guide and CLOY fan, your Switzerland vacation photos will make you look like a movie star!

A Swiss Photographer-guide who became a fan of Crash Landing On You (C-L-O-Y) drama has carved out a unique tour program taking you on an off-the-beaten scenic journey into the existent CLOY world; this tour guarantees, making your Switzerland vacation dream come true!

Thanks to our free photography service, your own personal photographer guide will beautifully capture your memorable vacation photos - you will look like a movie-star yourself. While sharing high quality photos will amuse your loved ones back home, you will cherish your memorable Switzerland vacation for years to come - this is our promise!

What to expect on this tour?

- A journey full of excitement fun and entertaining

- Lots of photo shooting for your amazing vacation album

- A feeling of being in Switzerland and feelings of “been there, done it”

- Off the beaten journey that many hasn't been able to see

- Unforgettable experience of Switzerland, don’t miss out a thing

- Meet and chat with fans of common interest from other countries

Crash Landing On You - Switzerland Private Tour

Top 7 reasons why you want this tour


-  You are a fan of the drama, it's a must see and do for you

-  Hassle free guided tour, you won't miss a place and see a lot more

-  Instantly share high quality professional photos with loved ones

-  Uniquely carved out program, authentic and not found elsewhere

-  Priceless and lifelong cherishable memories

-  Hidden surprises providing you an out-of-this-world experience

-  Our best price guarantee, saving you both, travel time and money

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Off-the-beat scenic journey from Zurich in the gorgeous Swiss terrains, covering every  CLOY drama locations in Switzerland (except Zurich). Visit all the CLOY drama locations in Switzerland in a single day and a lot other beautiful places in the surrounding regions of Iseltwald, Interlaken, Brienz, Jungfrau, Lungern, region of 72 waterfall, panorama bridge, Sigriswil, Klein-Scheidegg drama location and a lot more.


Follow the exact foot-prints of Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) and Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin) to discover the stunning photographic vantage points in Zurich

Note: We pride ourselves to be able to provide our visitors with most authentic holiday in Switzerland , no one else can offer.  Although, programs are well laid out below, boundless hidden gems, fun surprises and many concealed places which you will actually discover on this tour remains confidential and unrevealed.

Program details


Duration: Full-day | Maximum guests: 3 couples (6 persons) | (Contact us for larger groups)

What to wear on this day?
Dress like the actors of CLOY. Please wear appropriate attires; take along extra warm cloths and a good pair of shoes.

Journey into the world of Crash Landing On You

Your mind blowing day will look like this...

- Be photographed in-front of the house in the beautiful Lungern village where Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) waits for Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin) in their Swiss home and they share a moment together on the breath-taking surrounding meadows.

- Portrait and landscape photo-shooting at the beautiful panoramic scenic points in the charming Obwalden province.

- Follow your photographer-guide along the foot-prints of Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) and Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin) to all the scenic spots. Your photographer-guide will take great portraits behind every the scenic backdrops as seen in the drama.

- Visit the exact locations and other amazing places including the beautiful region of Interlaken, Brienz, Brienzersee, Giessbach, Jungfrau, First flyer, the Panorama suspension bridge, and many more places, ordinary tours cannot go.

- Visit the Grand Hotel (Jeong-hyeok's past is shown in the drama, as a student in a Swiss music school prior to entering the Korean military and perhaps enjoy lunch here (subject to hours service operation).

Photograph at the Landing stage where Hyun Bin ponders over his time in Switzerland playing the piano here.

Instantly share the high quality, impressive pictures with the loved ones on the social media, taken beautifully by your guide.

Visit the region of 72 waterfalls and other stunningly beautiful scenic places in the magnificent Bernese Oberland.


The tour will start from the door step of your hotel in Zurich at 08:30 AM, expect to return to Zurich by 8 PM, just in time before your dinner. The total duration is estimated to be around 11.5 hours but this also includes lunch and coffee breaks and plenty of relaxing time.


Duration: Half-Day (6 hours) | Maximum guests: 3 couples (6 persons) | (Contact us for larger groups)

What to wear on this day?
Dress like a movie star but do wear appropriate attires and take along extra warm cloths and good pair of shoes.

Zurich's movie making tales

Consistently ranked as #1 in the world for its highest quality of life, Zurich is not only the largest city of Switzerland where everything is happening; it's a city you may often bump into the celebrities from around the world, if you keep your eyes open while walking along the richest shopping district in the 'Bahnhofstrasse'. From it’s well preserved medieval architecture on both side of the river Limmatt, all the way until the end of the beautiful Lake Zurich with gorgeous scenic beauty and endless coastal towns and villages of the high society, is probably why Zurich became an obvious place for movie makers. Born Identity, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Informant, End of the game, jut to name a few.

What to expect on this day? 

- Have you been to Zurich before? Bet, you haven't seen what you will discover on this tour

- You will see Zurich from the eyes of the local photographers who knows all the hidden gems of Zurich

- Visit the most beautiful places and photography vantage points along the CLOY trails and a lot more

- Instantly share professional photos with loved ones on social media and take home beautiful photo albums

- See and learn about the life-style and about Filming events of Zurich

- Visit Zurich’s fascinating and trendy shops visited by both, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin

Your unforgettable day in Zurich will look like this... 

Following the meet and greet with your photographer-guide, who is like your best friend in town, you will begin your most exciting day from the door-step of your hotel and be driven to the city center. Thereafter, start your portrait photo-shooting sessions all along the walking trails of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin and visit every iconic locations of CLOY  but also, the most beautiful photography vantage-points in the city, that's not to be missed out!

During the first one and a half hour, also visit the famous Swiss handicraft store where Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) went to buy sweets (episode 11) and she addresses Seo Dan (Seo Ji-hye), who also happen to be here at the same time. After this, follow your guide to the foot-steps of the actors through the charming medieval shopping ally's, photographing at every steps and places including at the historic roman settlement area in 'Lindenhof', all the way down to the Münster brücke. Your guide will make you stand at the exact locations where Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is seen leaning against the bridge rail. Your guide will capture your portraits from the distance where the shooting camera started to roll.

Following your first phase of the photo-shooting which completes around mid-day, your guide will lead you to the restaurants of choice in Zurich’s one of the most trendiest quarter, in beautiful “Dorfli” which has been a home to some well known prominent figures.

After your relaxing lunch, you will continue on the tour to visit couple of other attractions and locations where the drama shooting also took place. Certainly, you will also get to visit the most fascinating highlights in the medieval city including the shopping alleys, which came in the list of Europe's top 10 most beautiful medieval shopping quarters.

After completing the surrounding city tour of Zurich, discovering some hidden surprises before you are driven to visit Zurich's most beautiful Lake Promenade where you can take some memorable vacation photos. Thereafter, enjoy a relaxing coffee break at one of the town's famous pastry joint with it's long-standing tradition of exquisite service and hospitality that goes all the way back to 1859 and is as strong as ever today. After this you will be driven to your hotel, calling it a day.


The tour will start from the door step of your hotel in Zurich at 10:00 AM, expect to end at 4:30 PM. The total duration of this tour is approximately 6 – 6.5 hours, which includes lunch and coffee breaks


CHF 980
(Per tour, not per person)


CHF 575 
(Price per tour, not per person)


CHF 1'555
(Price per tour, not per person)

Price Includes and Excludes

Includes - Private guide+chauffeur, guided tours, all parking and taxes and fees
Excludes - Special rides (cable car or trains), meals, tips and gratuity


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